Dolmio believe in families eating dinner together. It's in their Italian DNA.

But there is a problem - technology has hijacked family dinnertimes. So in 2015, Dolmio stepped in to help and conducted a social experiment with some families and the Dolmio Pepper Hacker. A prototype pepper cracker device that shut down TV, Wi-Fi and mobile devices during dinnertime.

It struck a chord around the world, resulting in Dolmio being inundated with requests to make it available to the public.

So in 2016, we did just that and produced thousands of Pepper Hackers. We ran an on pack promotion giving people the opportunity to win their own Dolmio Pepper Hacker. A campaign microsite detailed the technology , demonstrated how the Pepper Hacker worked and enabled people to enter the promotion. An online film, 'The Look Up Experiment", was watched by millions, helping the spread the word by generating PR and earned media.